About Us

FLC-logo300.jpgFriends Life Care Consultants emerged from Friends Life Care, a nonprofit Quaker organization that created the continuing care at home (CCAH) concept in the 1980s. Both organizations are subsidiaries of Friends Life Care Partners and share management as well as key staff. Serving eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, Friends Life Care operates the largest and most successful continuing care at home plan in the nation with more than 2,400 members. Member satisfaction, as measured by Continuous Quality Improvement surveys, is nearly 100%.

What We Do

Friends Life Care Consultants offers comprehensive services to help nonprofit organizations, like continuing care retirement communities, expand their reach to serve the growing majority of consumers who prefer to age in place. We tailor Friends Life Care’s unique, flexible business model to suit your specific target market.

Our Approach

We developed and continue to grow the largest historical CCAH utilization database in the industry. Our experience spans more than two decades and thousands of customers, and we use what we’ve learned to guide your success. Working with our actuarial partner, DaVinci Consulting, we conduct an exhaustive three-phase feasibility study to evaluate the potential for CCAH in your market, determine the plan structure and set appropriate pricing—with or without entrance fees. Our soup-to-nuts implementation includes establishing policies and procedures, hiring and training your staff, and developing and launching a detailed marketing plan. Through Twist Communications, our marketing communications partner, we can help you create and execute your website and all other promotional programs and materials.

LightBubSprout200.jpgHow We Lead in CCAH

Always at the forefront of care for the aging, Friends Life Care has evolved its offering over the years to remain a step ahead of the competition (including long-term care insurance), and to keep pace with changing demographics and market trends. In 2003, the organization overhauled its fee structure to provide consumers with attractive options for daily benefits and benefit periods. The requirement to pay the entrance fee upfront in a lump sum was also eliminated to make the plan affordable for a greater number of people.

In 2011 Friends Life Care launched the innovative VigR™ program. VigR provides participating members with opportunities to help increase their vitality and longevity. Offering workshops, assessment tools, and an exclusive online community, the program focuses on habit changes that can improve overall health and forestall the need for home care. VigR holds particular interest for baby boomers who are actively resisting the decline associated with aging.

Learn more about the services and benefits offered by Friends Life Care and what you might do in your geographic market.