Our Model for Continuing Care at Home

Friends Life Care Consultants is the consulting arm of Friends Life Care, a nonprofit Quaker organization serving eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Handshake_0.jpgThe continuing care at home (CCAH) concept was pioneered in 1985 by a joint venture that became Friends Life Care. Friends Life Care operates the first, largest and most successful CCAH plan in the United States.

Friends Life Care has continually evolved to remain ahead of changing competition and trends. In 2011 the company introduced the VigRprogram—a proprietary offering designed to help participants improve their long-term health and resilience. Individuals hoping to avoid the need for home care, but interested in the security the Friends Life Care plan provides, find the program particularly appealing.

The Friends Life Care Plan

Based on the Friends Life Care model, Friends Life Care Consultants can help your nonprofit organization create a customized CCAH solution to meet your specific needs.

The Friends Life Care plan includes …

  • Enrollment eligibility for individuals aged 40 to 81 in reasonably good health, living independently
  • Customizable plans with options for inflation protection, facility care and more
  • On-staff care coordinators who:
    • Establish a relationship with members from day one
    • Arrange, supervise and monitor all services
    • Act as a personal contact and advocate
    • Provide a liaison with family members
  • Comprehensive home care and related services provided by certified nursing assistants and home health aides
  • Prevention and health improvement services
    • Unique VigR program to help optimize vitality and longevity
    • Health risk assessments and home safety reviews
  • On-call assistance 24/7
  • No claims to file or waiting periods to access care
  • Plan portability
  • Referrals for health care and other services
  • Robust membership support, including an exclusive online community

The flexible Friends Life Care model can be incorporated into the mission and services of your organization, or we can help you create a freestanding CCAH plan. We can develop a fee structure that includes some form of upfront payment if necessary to comply with regulatory requirements in your state. We can tailor the plan services according to your risk tolerance and offer your prospective clients many or few choices in selecting their benefits. 

For more information about Friends Life Care visit www.friendslifecare.org.