Our Services

Friends Life Care Consultants offers a complete range of consulting services to help your nonprofit organization launch a continuing care at home (CCAH) plan customized for your market.


We recommend a three-phase approach, with key decision points at each juncture.

Feasability_0.jpgPhase 1:  Market and Financial Analysis

Among other tasks, this initial phase helps us quantify the potential target market, identify perceived competition and make preliminary design decisions regarding your CCAH plan elements. The work scope includes preparation of a high-level pro forma financial statement to demonstrate the business case for CCAH in your market.

Phase 2:  Marketing Research

Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, we help you understand the mind-set of potential prospects in your primary and secondary market areas—their priorities and overall awareness of home care alternatives, their price sensitivity, the appeal of potential marketing approaches, and other key determinants.

Phase 3:  Evaluation of Financial Feasibility

We use the results of marketing research to fine-tune assumptions regarding the benefits and structure of your CCAH plan and to refine the pro forma, including full underwriting guidelines and model pricing.


The following provides just a sample of the services we provide to make your CCAH plan fully operational. We provide on-site assistance at your location to guide you through every step.

Licensure (assistance in meeting all requirements)

  • Draft disclosure statement
  • Draft continuing care agreement

Policies & Procedures

  • Manual preparation (including all forms, agreements, assessment tools)

Human Resources

  • Organizational structure
  • Position descriptions (including qualifications, salary grades)


  • Admissions criteria guide
  • Application processing and tracking
  • New member enrollment process
  • End-of-month reports

Care Coordination

  • Contract schedule (well members, at-risk members, members in care)
  • Service provider network (quality credentialing process, draft provider agreement)
  • Service eligibility determination
  • Prevention programs (including falls, medication management, memory enhancement)
  • Care planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Clinical assessment tools
  • Documentation requirements

Finance (specific to CCAH)

  • Accounting for entry fees
  • Calculating inflation protection
  • Deferred acquisition and marketing expenses
  • Member billing
  • Payment options
  • Member co-payments and payment limitations
  • Member status change
  • Refunds
  • Coordination with long-term care insurance
  • Assistance fund

Staff Training (care coordination, sales, administrative)

  • Intensive training (boot camp) at Friends Life Care's corporate offices in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
  • Ongoing telephonic coaching


  • Marketing plan (strategies and implementation)
  • Request for information
  • Referral programs
  • Sales and marketing staff incentive programs
  • Marketing communications plan (strategies and implementation)
  • Production schedules
  • Tactics execution (creative/development of direct mail, Web site and other materials)